Burgos & Blisters

Another 16 mile trek in the hot Spanish sun is rewarded by this stunning cathedral in Burgos. Arrived just in time for a pilgrim’s mass. Every evening just about every town or village has a mass for pilgims.

Built in 1221, it is one is Spain’s largest and a great example of Gothic architecture. Simply unbelievable.

Example of the “road” I walked on, on the 16-mile walk to Burgos. This is what gives you blisters!

Above: the priest in San Juan de Ortega–a tiny mountain village–put a silver cross around the neck of each pilgrim after mass. What a wonderful gesture.

I lite a candle–it is but one among many. It’s strange, in every church after Mass, I light a candle for someone in my family. And it’s all I can do to keep from crying. And sometimes I do. 

The Monestario of San Juan de Ortega.

Tomorrow: the first of several days crossing the dreaded Meseta–the open wheat fields of Spain, a flat land (I’ll believe that when I see it!!!!) of no shade–compared to Death Valley, the Empty Quarter that Lawrence of Arabia crossed to Akaba.

Me and my blisters can hardly wait.


Man of La Mancha

Man of Many Blisters

Grandfather of the Camino


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