Random Thoughts About Little Things

Today was a short day–the shortest so far, just 10 miles. I’m a slacker–the afternoon sun on the Meseta is brutal and I needed to pull up early. 

I’ve been 18 days on the Camino and have put some 229 miles under my shoes. Averages to almost 13 miles a day which is about what I intended to do, so I’m on schedule. This comes out to a tad over 30,000 steps a day. I’ve found that 16 mile days–especially when those are back-to-back–really wear me out.

  • Bathrooms in the bars along the Camino are, for the most part, surprisingly clean. But virtually none of them have a way to dry your hands.
  • Most of the villages have Mass each evening, but the only people there are older people and a smattering of peregrinos. I’ve yet to see any young Spanish people attend.
  • My greatest fear is getting nailed by a peregrino on a bike. They come flying around you with little warning many times, especially on the downhills. All it would take is a bell. 

The Camino teaches you to be present. Present to each footfall, present to watching the way-markings so you don’t take the wrong turn. Present to your thoughts, present to what you are doing each moment. It us a blessing and a curse.

Each day I try to be present with my thoughts and to spent 15 minutes thinking about only one thing, or one person, such as one of my grandchildren. My goal us to do this for each member of my family. I certainly have the time! It’s an interesting exercise that I do when I am walking alone. Often I  speak it to the plains of Spain. It seems to have more intention that way.

Or maybe I am becoming Don Quxiote…


Man of La Mancha Blisters

Grandfather of the Camino


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts About Little Things

  1. Hi Don. Really enjoying your blog and the stunning photos. There is a group of English ‘old farts’ setting off in September. Thanks for the tips. Its reassuring that there are others with a plan to walk, appreciate and reflect, rather than race and move on. Looking forward to the rest of your journey. My wife and I spend the summer in Galicia and so should you require a restful few days in the Ribeira Sacre, near Monforte de Lemos, then touch base. We will be quite busy with guest but it would be good to share your experiences.

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