The Long and Whining Road…

If yesterday was one of the better days, then today was one of the not so better. Woke to ominous clouds, hit the road at 6:30 for a long walk on a straight and uninteresting paved road that turned into a straight and  uninteresting dirt road. The clouds couldn’t make up their mind and teased us with splatches of sunlight before closing the gap with low hanging grayness. The wind roared in my face at 20 mph, gusting to who knows how much and with temps in the high 4os it was a big change of heart from the sunshine of yesterday.

Everyone was bundled up–Monica from Australia looked like a ninja Camino warrior:

The rain we’ve dodged all these days on the Camino finally caught up to us, so out came the ponchos. For 17km there were no villages to dart into. Another reason the walk was so bad.

Ran into Mary and her friend, camped by the side of the toad. They walked in the moonlight then crashed. They were counting the number of pilgrims who passed: I was #105…

I shouldn’t  whine about the weather, really been blessed up until now…yet the next couple of days are expected to be more of the same. Attitude, attitude now, Joe…

This part of the Calmino is the least attractive so it gives me plenty of time to think. When I’m not battling the wind. And rain. And flying poncho.


Man of La Mancha Wind

Grandfather of the Camino


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