On A Cold Spanish Pathway, Strong Wind in my Face…

To the tune of ‘Hotel California’–still a work in progress, but maybe my guitar-playing grandsons, Henry and Max, could make it better…plus it’s hard typing on my iPhone!!

“Camino Santiago”

On a cold Spanish pathway, strong wind in my face

Warm call of an alburgue rising up through the air.

Somewhere in the distance I see a Cathedral’s spire

My legs grew weary and 

My eyes went dim

I have to stop this Madness 

Before it begins.
But there in the shadows

In the evening light

Stood Don Quioxte fighting windmills

And I can’t escape it, this is my life.

Then he called me by name and I thought I heard him say,

Welcome to the Camino Santiago

Such a lonely place

Such a silent place.

Plenty of room for peregrinos to walk the Camino 

Whenever you’re near

Whatever your fears.
His mind wanders and twists like the road ahead

The Silence calls him

He’s got plenty of blisters but they ain’t His friends

It’s the road he walks

That will  never end.
So I offered a prayer to Santiago

Please bring me some relief

I’m held together by tape and faith 

but in the distant mist all I hear is

Welcome to the Camino Santiago

Such a lonely place

Such a changing place.

They’re putting one foot in front of the other 

On the way across the plains,

What a road it is

What a life it is.

We’re walking 500 miles to Santiago.

Seeking penance and forgiveness along the Way to where I was before.

Every morning I wake up to find

The road still before me, will it ever end?
Trust the Camino said my mysterious friend

Once you walk it
You’ll never be the same…



Man of La Mancha Song Writer

Grandfather of the Camino


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