One More Thought

One More Thought…I somehow hit the publish button before I was finished…

With Santiago being just 5 days away I’ve been reflecting on why I’m doing this journey in the first place, now that I’m on the homestretch.

There is a saying: one travels the world in search of happiness, only to return home and find it waiting there all the time.

But I am not doing the Camino in search of happiness. I am doing it to fulfill a promise I made to God 21 years ago…and to rekindle my Spirit.

I hope that is worthy enough.

But I also know that step after step is causing me to realize what really matters in my life:

Home. Barbara. John. Stevie. Jack. Henry. Liza. Max. Matt. Alycia. Felix. Charlie.

And Buddy. 

And Oscar, too.
Okay, even Wrigley.

And my extended family, my Sister and her family and my friends.

It also makes me to realize how often I do not let my actions show that. 


Man of La Mancha Thoughts

Grandfather of the Camino


6 thoughts on “One More Thought

      • Hi Joe, its very doable in a single day.You can get a 9 am bus from Santiago bus station that gets to Finisterre at about 11 am .I think that last bus back to Santiago is 7 pm but you can double check these times on

        After travelling such a fantastic distance all the way from back home I really think it would be a fitting way to round off your adventure. To sit on the headland surrounding the Cabo and contemplate the Atlantic ocean stretching off into the distance is a special moment. A wonderful time and place to reflect .

        The walk up to the Cabo from Finisterre harbour is about 3.5kms (uphill on a road) so that’s a 7km round trip you have to factor into your day (there is a beautiful return walk up over Monte San Guillermo but it adds an extra 2kms tougher walking on to your return back down to the harbour !)

        Apologies Joe for hijacking your wonderful blog.Many thanks again for sharing your special journey.

        Buen Camino

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      • No apology needed! Really appreciate the suggestion and the advice! First thing is to get to Santiago! Then I’ll see if time works in my favor! Thank you!!!


      • Hi Joe, I only kept a hand written diary/journal on my previous Camino travels. Pretty old school I know !

        My Camino Frances was completed in 3 seperate stages , 2011,2013 and 2015 and I used the same small notebook for the three journeys and every so often I take it out and read through sections and it’s remarkable how the three sections feel like they were written by three different people ! Anyway there you have it Joe , I’m afraid I have no ‘electronic’ version up there in cyberspace. Maybe I will create one on my next Camino (2017 God willing : the Camino Ingles then on again to Finisterre and Muxia) .

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