Hot, Flat, Getting My Camino Legs

Left, a woman from Sweden, and Monica and Richard from Austraila, who I first met in Zubiri. Today, Monica said, “Why Joe, you have your color back! You look strong now! I was worried about you back in Zubiri.” So was I!

At a village bar: a Spainard, an Aussie and an Irish lassie. The Camino is a melting pot!

Thuan couple from Italy know how to cool off during the hike!

Had a pilgim’s dinner tonight with Deborah and Rod from Colorado. Great couple! The Camino is filled with people from all over the world.

This places has everything. Including spikes. Spikes?

A daily ritual….

For some reason I am able to upload photos. Slow. But still.

Walked 12 miles today. Stopped at a Farmacia yesterday and they gave me a topical treatment for the swollen muscle in my left leg and foot. Seems to help today!

Tomorrow is a killer: 16 miles, going from 2355 feet to 3750 feet in the mountains. Going to try to make it in one day.

Which means I better hit the sack!

Burn Camino!

Don-Qui-Joe-te, strong one, Zen Master and Grandfather of the Camino!


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