A Look Inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria

Since I didn’t walk into Burgos in time to tour the inside of this magnificent cathedral, I decide to do it this  morning and just get a late start on the Camino. It didn’t open until 9:3o a.m. I think I was the last peregrino on the road. The Camino is teaching me to show down. It’s in cohorts with the blisters…

Some facts:

The cathedral was designed by a Frenchman, named Enrique, in the Gothic style, in 1221. It wasn’t finished until 1565, under the German architect, John of Cologne. Nothing like a deadline.

It is the only stand-alone cathedral to be named a world UNESCO site.

It soars almost 300 feet tall.

There are something like 14 chapels inside and scores of renowned works of art.

El Cid is buried here, among many church officials.

Looking at it try to imagine how in the world they could build such a beautiful structure. For a good understanding of how they built cathedrals then, read Ken Follet’s series of books, starting with Pillars of the Earth.

Enough. Let’s go inside:

It was great running into my Korean friend in the square. We met in Orisson at the start of the Camino. He had considered stopping due to foot problems, but I’m glad to see he’s stuck it out. Inspiration for me!

Tonight, I’m on the edge of the infamous and feared Meseta–the hot, empty high plains, Don Quioxte land of Espania! My namesake, thanks to Henry!


Man of La Mancha Blisters

Grandfather of the Camino


2 thoughts on “A Look Inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria

    • Oh my sweet daughter-in-law! How kind of you to think of me when you have so much going on in your life. I think and pray for you all everyday in your Big Move to a new life in Chicago… Thank you!


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