A Day in the Life of a Peregrino.

The last view out my window from the hostal in Hontanas last night:

And the first view at 6:00 a.m. this morning:

The next few days will take me through the infamous and often dreaded “Meseta” region of Spain. This is the land of Don Quixote, endless plains of wheat and no shade. In fact it’s a lot like my home: Oklahoma! Except with hills.

Poppies are everywhere along the Camin0, and an endless color of wild flowers brighten every step of the path on both sides.

As do fellow peregrinos I meet along The Way–like Deborah and Rod from Colorado Springs. We’ve been pretty much on the same pace for the last few days. What a great couple, terrific sense of humor and enthusiasm. Really great to be a tag-along with them. Deborah is a real trooper–she has a blister they named “Diablo” because it just won’t go away. Even with that pain and knee issues, she marches on! Rod has a bucket list–it’s even on his iPhone–the Camino is one, next year it’s two weeks on the Appalachian Trail!

Just when I said I haven’t met any peregrinos from Texas, these two sisters from the Lone Star state appeared…bearing a gift of much needed moleskin, no less!

An Americano, a Swiss and a Korean. The Camino is a melting pot of nations and people. Two young nurses from Belgium who I met earlier just call me, “Hey, American Guy!”

The proprietor of the hostal in Rabe gave us each a small medallion of Saint Mary and sent us on our way with a good omen to guide us on our Way.

This couple from Sweden is laughing at a happy birthday greeting their grandkids sent them via video. Makes me long for my kiddos!

Angels of the Camino! This couple from Poland walked the Camino and now they drive from spot to spit handing out much needed treats to peregrinos at key places on the road. She had made the most delicious chocolate crisp that brightened my walk just at the right time–see the steep downhill and uphill on the next photo. As my grandson Jack wrote me, “The Camino provides…”

And the sunset view out my window tonight!

Did 12 miles today, weather has been wonderful, but getting warm (hot!) in the afternoons. Blisters come and go.

I keep putting one foot in front of the other. What more can I ask?

It’s good to be alive. And living!


Man of La Mancha Blisters

Grandfather of the Camino


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Peregrino.

  1. Joe, Barbara told me about your journey and website, and I am enjoying your trip. What a courageous journey you are taking! The photography is stunning.

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