A Photo Adventure…

“I do not insist,” answered Don Quixote, “that this is a full adventure, but it is the beginning of one, for this is the way adventures begin.”

Here are some photos–many in B/W from the first half of the Camino that I haven’t posted. Or hope I haven’t!

Moo-over cows. All the cows in the Pyrenees wear huge bells. In the fog you hear them before you see them.

I love the design of the puentas. So gaceful.

A jamon shop in Pamplona. The Spanish love their ham. It may be a long time before I’ll have another ham sandwich when I get home, though.

Right off the hoof!

Spain’s amazing canal system. All concrete f0rm for miles and miles.

A fallen peregrino…

The old Roman road. Historic, but dreadful to walk on!

This statue of a founder of Estrella shows, in relief, the history of the town around the base.

This panel depicts the historic running of the bulls.

I love the symmetry of this scene. The evergreens, slender and growing into the clouds, the curve of the road, making you wonder what’s around the bend, the clouds creating a canvas on which everything is painted. This would make a wonderful oil painting.

The soil of northern Spain is nothing but rock. It makes for terrific red wine in the famous Rioja district which I walked through.

I stopped and walked into the vineyard and asked the workers what they were doing, since it was too early for grapes. She told me they were pruning the vines and showed me how. Plant by plant, one long row after another. I think I was the only peregrino to ever walk out in the vineyard and ask them a question. They seemed surprised. And amused at my interest.

More to follow later!


Man of La Manche Photos

Grandfather of the Camino


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