Too Much Light…

Well, earlier this morning I asked that the light of the Holy Spirit be with us all today.

I should have been a little more specific. El Señor (Spanish for The Lord) gave me a little too much light today–in the high, high 80s I’m calculating and way too hot. Next time I’ll dial down my request…

Just when I think all the hard days are behind me, I get surprised. Went from 1200m to more than 1500m (right at 5,000-feet. Up for about 5 miles then a steep 11 mile downhill on rutted, shale path that I tend to struggle with for some reason. It ranged from 6% to 18% grade. My boots are good, but it compresses everything to the toes and so much downhill causes my left leg to lockup out of the blue and always at the wrong time. Nice views, but not a fun day. Seems I’m held together by band-aids, medical tape and gorilla tape (the frame on my glasses cracked). But maybe all this just  goes with my purpose…

Anyway, this will be short.

An example of the path. Hey, this looks pretty good, actually!

Cruz de Ferro, at almost 5,000 feet. Pilgrims fir centuries have left items here, symbolic of what he need to let go off in their lives.

I left a rock from my Dialogue in the Desert Workshop in Arizona:

Some pilgrim music by the side of the road.

So much more to say-/especially about the Benedictine vespers and Korean Mass last night, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Morning comes fast!


Man of La Mancha Aches

Grandfather of the Camino


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