A Shadow of Who I Was…

Pulvis et umbra sumus. (We are but dust and shadow.)

Horace, The Odes of Horace


Another day, another 31,849 steps.

A pretty walk today, up, up and up and the a long downhill that never seemed to end. But they all seem like that. Beautiful weather follows me again. I’d sure hate to do this in the rain.

The dogs here are all working dogs. The herder didn’t even come out of the barn until the dog was leading the cows way down the road.

The other day I meet these two young girls from Spain who were on a week-long trip on the Camino with their dog “Fat Boy (Gordo in Spanish). He even had his own scallop shell and pack!

And this is Max and Alexa from Boulder, brother and sister doing the Camino. What great you folks they are, easy to talk with and wise beyond their years.

The first thing I do when I get in is laundry! It takes time to dry, especially my thick wool socks.

Probably the prettiest entrance to any village: this is Molinaseca.

Will somebody please let this poor boy in! He stood there frozen like this for the longest time. Dog-willing…

I’m about 5-6 days from Santiago!

My heel blister came back with avengance today, making me walk like a drunkeon sailor.Well, more like a stumbling peregrino! I lanced in again  tonight. I’ll see how it is tomorrow. If not better I may take a day off–I have it to give.

Happy Birthday Barbara and Charlie!! Sorry I’m here and not with you to celebrate. A raincheck? But know that I’m thinking of you, miss you both–I miss everyone!–and love you immensely.


Man of La Mancha Memories

Grandfather of the Camino


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