Catching Up

It has been a couple of days since my last post. Too busy walking and then too tired when I’m through! Averaging around 13 miles a day and it’s been in some pretty steep up and down mountain passes with slippery rocks–think 20+ degree slopes. And no switchbacks, just about a straight shot up and down. And it’s the downhills that kill you: toes jammed into the front of your boot. My outside calf muscle feels like a coil of tight steel. Pain everywhere. 

Whoever thought this would be a leisurely stroll from village to village (me).

The countryside is stunning though. And the people I’m meeting among the Way are amazing. New folks every day, but some Ive been connected with since day one.

Here’s a sampling.

My two “cell mates” from Japan.

Amelia and Cholie from France. Perfect French names for two girls from France.

Karen and Thomas from Sweden.

Francois, a mathematician from Belgium, two nurses from Belgium and a nurse from Virgina in the one time it’s rained!

Dan, a retired physician from Ohio, who looks and sounds just like Richard Dreyfuss!

Elena from Chicago and Sebastian, a physician from Germany. Two great spirits. Ah youth!

Madge (Scotland) and Denise (Chicago) taking a break–and then along comes a haybaler!

The whole gang from Orisson together again in Los Arcos!


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