León! El Esplendor de la Vidriera!

I’m in León! It’s late so will make this short and add to it in depth tomorrow.

Last several days have been walking straight line next to a highway against chilly 20 mph headwind. Probably the worst of the Camino. Nothing of particular interest. Just head down, step after step. Could have skipped this part entirely, but who knows, perhaps it just goes into the making of a peregrino and not a tourist.

León is 130,000 people and they were all in the street this afternoon–and still are! It’s festival season and everyone is celebrating something. Groups waving flags, improv bands, dancing, drinking. It reminds me of Mardi-Gras. Even some of the buildings have that New Orleans French flavor.

The city has amazing architecture. Here’s a peek–more tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “León! El Esplendor de la Vidriera!

  1. Thank you for your site, I won’t be hiking de Santiago until next spring but you are quite inspiring! Brilliant photos, excellent prose and just enough blisters to be telling the truth!

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