Being Lost in Something Bigger than Oneself…

“Architecture is frozen music.”–Goethe

Doesn’t this Cathedral just sing?

Can’t you hear it coming from the spires and buttresses?

It is, as Goethe said, frozen music–but in this case, music that comes alive to the eyes and ears if you look at it long enough.

Started in 1205, the  Cathedral de León is French Gothic design, a radical new design then that ushered a shift from Roman-designed brick walls with few windows to the use of flying buttresses and pointed arches which structurally permitted  extensive windows, letting light inside what were previously dark interiors.

And the Cathedral here in León does that superbly–it has more than 700 stain glass windows, said to be the best collection in the world.
I toured it yesterday and went to Mass there this morning.
You don’t have to understand the priest–there were 6 of them!–to feel something happening inside yourself. 

It’s like all the people who labored to build this over hundreds of years are before you. 

How can it not be a Holy Moment?

The entrance doors. Everything is carved in relief…

In the cloister…


Man of La Manche Moments

Grandfather of the Camino


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