León: Architecture that Touches Heaven

An Antonio Gaudi building…

Not a Gaudi, but across from the Cathedral-and beautiful.

Below is the Bascilica de San Isidoro, a mixture of Roman and Baroque styles–and the resting place of some 28 kings and queens. And the site of last night’s Mass. 

After Mass, the priest asked all the pilgrims to the altar and took great care and time to explain to us the importance of this Bascilia and of our journey–all in Spanish, of course, but with the enlisted aid of a fellow pilgrim who tried his best to help translate.

Afterwards he escorted us to his private chambers, stamped our pilgrim passports and blessed us.

The Bascilica is stunning:

It even has radiant heated pews!

The Cathedral as seen from one of the numerous side streets that lead to the square:

So much more to post!!! The fun stuff!


Man of La Mancha Architecture 

Grandfather of the Camino


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