Walking With the Masses

“I do not deny that what happened to us is a thing worth laughing at. But it is not worth telling, for not everyone is sufficiently intelligent to be able to see things from the right point of view.”
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

 I left Sarria this morning along with hordes of others–groups of teenagers, families, and church/organizational groups all with day packs and all giddy with enthusiasm and laughter as they set off on their five day adventure to Samtiago. It was hard to find some individual space for the first few miles as the path was narrow. At first I was irritated by their loudness and silliness, but then I reminded myself that, for the most part, these were just young uns being young. At least they were on a pilgrimage, albeit a shorter and different one than mine, but a pilgrimage just the same. Bless them.

Put in just under 14 miles today. I’m in Portomarin now–a town with a lake! 

First time I’ve seen water. They evidently dammed up a river years ago and they relocated the town on a hill. Literally dismantled a church and rebuilt it stone block by stone block. Here it is:

On the walk I met Kati, a young woman from Hungary, who is very sweet. 

We came upon this horse. She had never been around a horse before. He promptly nipped her on the arm.

And I chatted with these two cousins from California who are doing just the leg from Sarri:

You meet the nicest people, from all nations and walks of life on the Camino.

Like this local farmer.

And this statue on a peregrino. He didn’t have much to say.But he did point The Way…

And this Spainard and his black lab, one of the few dogs on the Camino.

The way marking in Galicia all show the amount of kilometers to go. When these showed 250 it was kinda depressing. But this one is a milestone I’ve been waiting for: less than 100 klicks to go!!!! That’s 60 miles!!! Three more days…If all goes well I hope to be walking into Santiago Saturday!

I can’t get wifi in my room in this pension so I’m doing this in their bar. Outside in the plaza with the same church pictured above a funeral is taking place.

Endings and beginnings.

Life is short. Remember to live while you still can. Remember to love while you still dare to.


Man of La Mancha Steps

Grandfather of the Camino


2 thoughts on “Walking With the Masses

  1. Just catching up and I’m in tears of awe (at the office of all places). I CANNOT wait to hear about it. Not sure if I’ll have good service in Peru this weekend but I will be thinking of you over the last miles. Godspeed!

    PS. You think *I* am the adventurer. You put me to shame! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, shucks, you’re way too kind. I’ve been following your travels on FB. What a great journey. Can’t wait to hear about Machu Picchu!!! Thanks for your thoughts-my feet need them!


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