Three Sleeps Away

I discovered that searching can be as interesting as finding.–Paulo Coelho

Today: 34,825 steps. 15 miles. Beautiful, clear sky. 

I’m in Palas de Rei for the night. Can’t get internet where I am, so sitting at table outside in front of a bar that has it.

Three sleeps from Santiago.

Is it the journey or the destination? Right now I am looking forward to seeing the cathedral in Santiago rise above the city and standing before it having achieved a long walk, having fulfilled a promise made long ago, having stuck with putting one foot in front of another for 500 miles when the left foot shouted STOP and the right wouldn’t listen. Undoubtedly it will be emotional.

Today was a good, long day. Maybe it’s because I’m closer to the end. Or maybe because “El Diablo” (my major heel blister) isn’t hurting under all the bandages and tape.

Met this Spanish couple with their black lab–they just started in Sarria, two days ago. He’s the best trained dog-/sticks right with them. Sure makes me miss Buddy. I wonder if he’ll remember me.

And these two folks just met today, but they look like they should be a couple. Both from Spain, Nacha is translator, Javier works in a factory. What wonderful, outgoing individuals.

My dinner: salad, Caldo Gallego (Gallician soup), and a Cerveza.

Adrian shows me the finer points of a Cerveza:the foam can only be 1-inch high. What a great guy. I love the people of Gallicia–so warm and outgoing.

My phone is about dead so I’ll have to post this before it dies–sorry it’s so short, but spent more time today walking and less visiting and taking photos.
And then there was this 4-day old fella!

Santiago calls.


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